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who is Charlie?

High School - top 50% of my class
Barber School - top 50%, again
School of Hard Knocks-still attending

Being in the apparel business for more than 50 years,  I have  seen so many changes.   I hope I might have helped make some of them!

Growing up in a small town in NC, I worked hard at my first job making 50-cents an hour flippin' burgers and washing dishes. 

I was the first person in my family to graduate high school, but had no clue what I would do next.  
Someone told me a barber could make $100 a week and never get their hands dirty.  I spent the next five years trying to master haircuts. 


Many of my clients were successful salesmen, who made more money than I, wore better clothes and had more time off.   I was always looking for the next best thing.     


In 1966, I was hired as a  salesman for Quaker Oats Company, selling  Cap'n Crunch, oats and even grits! 


In 1970, I had an opportunity to become a sales rep for a ladies apparel company. I'll have to admit, I knew nothing about selling ladies clothing but when I started barbering, I didn't know anything about it either. But to make a change in your life and move forward, you have to get out of your comfort zone. 

In 2003, my wife Karen, and I founded Karlie Clothes , named for our daughter.  Our first shipments were from our home garage in Dallas, Texas. Today, Karlie Clothes are shipped from our 7,500 sq. ft. warehouse, and sold in more than 400 better specialty stores.  

Looking back on my life, even though I have made many mistakes, I am very thankful for God's grace, guidance and blessings. I can't wait to see what He has in store for the future. 

My mission statement

I hope my blogs will not just motivate and inspire you, but move you to action.

If I can do it... so can you!

from scissors to style


circa 1964



circa 2019


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